Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Green Day Details and a Spring Suprise

Lollipop Pop is on Spring Break this week, so she missed out on me packing her a green lunch for school.
I know she must have been devastated since 16 year old girls just adore that kind of thing! 
 Anyway, Sugar Plum Fairy was green to the max.
A spinach tortilla spread with whipped cream cheese and filled with fresh spinach, strips of a mozzarella cheese stick and roasted asparagus. 
 I must say it was fantastic! 
She also had broccoli with green ranch dressing and a green apple.

Breakfast consisted of fresh green biscuits, green apple and green milk. 
She wanted to make sure you notice her green fingernails as well.
I mentioned that our eldest daughter is on Spring Break. 
We are doing something out of the ordinary and I am excited.
  I will fill in the details next week, but suffice it to say that she and I are going to be boarding an airplane this morning at OH DARK THIRTY and flying to Colorado for three nights. 
We will be seeing great friends and visiting a couple universities. 
Since Sugar Plum Fairy is still in school this week, I wanted to have a special treat for her. 
 I placed a note for her to read my blog after she eats breakfast.  
The following is for her...
Hi Sweetie! 
While spring doesn't officially begin until Thursday, there are some rainbow cupcakes in the fridge behind the spinach for you and Daddy to have after school or after dinner. 
They reminded me of Spring and it sure is warm enough to be Spring!
 If you have time on Thursday, there are some eggs on the counter that you can try to stand on their ends. 
I tried to find pictures when your brother and sister succeeded, but I couldn't. 
Give it a go and see if you have any luck. 
We'll talk about why it can work when we get home. 
We love you and your Daddy and hope you like your treat.

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Country Gal said...

How fun is that! All my babies were gone on St. Patrick's Day and I didn't even celebrate this year. :(