Friday, March 14, 2014

Let's Race!

You may remember when I have talked about the Off-Road Racing team that my Hubby and Shaggy are involved with. 
If not, I share my initial thoughts here. 
Over the years, Freitas Offroad has grown to play with the big boys.  
The best part of all this from a mom and wife's point of view, is that even with Garrick and his team's success, these guys are humble, appreciative and very grateful. 
 It does my heart good.
Garrick and Shaggy with Bishop Armando at Confirmation last year

 There are a few other posts under "racing" in the labels to the right, if you are interested. 
Anyway, this weekend will have these guys racing for the first time this season. 
What a great honor for the team to be featured on the cover of the Official Program! 
 Very cool!

 They race tomorrow and I am wishing them great luck, a fast and strong car and oodles of safety!
Go #1572!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! My guys would love it. I hope they did well!!