Friday, March 28, 2014

Colorado - Colleges and a City

 After Lollipop Pop and I said our good byes to Denice, her kidnicks and Sterling, we headed back to Denver.
The skies were gorgeous and you could see forever. 
The weather promised to be in the 70's...pretty perfect.
A small town we passed, Merino, is home to a company that makes carnival rides...right here in the good ole' U.S.A. 
The story of how this company is pretty neat.
We also passed several of these turbine blades. 
  Good gravy, they are big!
   We had missed a college tour of Colorado University on Tuesday, but decided to head there and walk around on our own as well as see what Denver is all about. 
Another thing I noticed about Colorado are the drivers. 
The speed limit for most of our trip was 75MPH, but when there is a posted sign for something slower...people follow the directions!
 Drivers travelling at the speed limit, stay to the left...slower drivers stay to the right. 
What a concept. 
When cars are approaching a highway exit, they move to the appropriate lane at that time rather than what so many dingbats in MY state do...wait until the last possible second to cross three lanes of traffic, cutting everyone off in their wake in order feel like they are saving time. 
 I kept commenting on these facts to my daughter. 
She was thrilled!
She was, however the perfect navigator. 
 I downloaded the MapQuest app to my phone and she guided me perfectly each day.
The Pepsi Center (home to the Nuggets) is very close to the campus.
You can also see where the Broncos play.
That fact took us a bit of time to figure out.
But we did. 
This Student Union used to be a brewery.


Watching baseball and softball games from here would be nice.

We had a yummy pizza lunch on campus and
continued to wander.

 St Elizabeth of Hungary Church lovely inside and out.


The campus is only a couple blocks to the 16th Street Mall.
This mile long pedestrian area is filled with restaurants, cafes and shops. 
There is a shuttle that travels the otherwise vehicle free mile long street. 

The Capitol is one block over at one end of the Mall.
The Capitol faces the City Hall Building with a park area in between. 

Panoramic View from center of Civic Center Park
After a tea and some people watching, we headed back to the car to check into our hotel. 
Again, Colorado drivers are pretty nice.  

We opted to stay in and not even venture out to dinner once we checked in. 
 The sunset was pretty from our was an early night

We had set up a campus tour at Regis University on Friday morning and were not disappointed. 
The presentation was well done and covered a lot of our concerns as well as gave us information we had not even considered.
This Main Hall was built in 1887...the land where Regis sits was owned by JB Walker (owner of Cosmopolitan Magazine)
Mr. Walker told a group of Jesuits that if they could complete the building in 100 days, he would donate the land for their University. 
They finished in 97 days, thus Regis University was begun here.

St John Francis Regis Chapel offers stunning views of the Rockies. 
So stunning, in fact, that shortly after the chapel was completed and Masses were being held, the priest requested the altar be repositioned on the end opposite the windows. 
It seems that his parishioners were often staring out the windows at the view rather than taking part in the Mass.

I think I would have been guilty of peering off at the mountains as well. 
What a stunning view.

At last our week together was ending.
We had a spectacular time and spending time with my daughter in this way was magical and something I will never forget. 
 AND she likes me. 
She really does.
Although,since I gave her my window seat, she had to appease me by taking pictures of our snow less mountains.

Roadside "art" that stumped our hotel shuttle driver.
He kept waiting for them to be finished.
 Unbeknownst to him, they were completed clouds.

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