Friday, February 28, 2014

Planting a Walnut Orchard...Two Years Later

It has been awhile since I shared with you the new walnut orchard that was planted across our driveway.
 Exactly two years ago, I showed the planting of the new trees in detail.
 Not much has happened until this past week.
 The trees just grew and minded their own business, so to speak.
They have grown substantially since they looked like twigs not so long ago
Berms (the hills that the trees appear to grow from) were forms.
A tractor came through with a grader and pushed the dirt to form the berms. 
A crew of men also painted "sunscreen" onto the tender trunks again.
Then a laser leveler behind another tractor smoothed the rows in order for the irrigation water to flow properly when the time comes

This process took about a week.

It will still take about 2 more years until a crop can be harvested from these trees. 
Amazing to me the amount of money and work farmers put into their crops without seeing a return.  Farmers are truly a special breed.

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Michelle said...

Yes, they are a special breed.