Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ostriches and Emus, Oh My!

 During our recent family weekend, Sugar Plum Fairy and I visited Ostrichland
This neat place is home to 50 ostriches and emus. 
It is between the freeway and the Danish Village of Solvang and we discovered it years ago with our older two kidnicks.
Food can be purchased to feed these creatures and our daughter loved it. 
You are warned that the ostriches will bite, thus the pans of food are screwed onto metal dustpans to keep fingers out of the way and a sturdy grip on the bowl.
Don't let this sweet face fool you. 

These guys do not mess around...they are strong, focused, impatient and fast when it comes to getting every last crumb of food.

The emus are much more mild in temperament.
They wait quietly until you present them their treat and then go for it. 

It was interesting to see them zero in on a pellet and then snatch it up with their beak with such precision.

I must tell you that taking this young lady places and showing her new things is always a joy. 
Her beautiful spirit oozes from every pore.

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