Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mermaids, Missions and Wooden Shoes

Day two of our coastal getaway, included Shaggy! 
  He took the train up from college and spent a couple days with us. 
He and his Dad have had a list of golf courses at the coast that they wanted to play together. 
La Purisima was the final course on that list and having Lollipop Pop along as a golfer now,  added to the fun. 
 Sugar Plum Fairy and I dropped them off and spent the morning in Solvang and touring Santa Ines Mission.
 Santa Ines was the 19th Mission (of 21) to be founded and was built in 1804.  
 It is known as the "Hidden Gem of the Missions" and it is  easy to see why. 
Father Junipero Serra was the Franciscan missionary who founded the first Mission in San Diego in 1769 and his likeness is on display in front of Santa Ines.
This is also the Mission that Lollipop Pop built and reported on when she was in the 4th grade.
 The church was completed in 1817 and still holds Mass. 
 I am hoping to attend Mass here this summer. 
I have wanted to for years and not made the effort. 
A lot of the painting in the church used vegetable pigments and is original. 
The statue of Santa Ines (St. Agnes) over the alter is an old polychrome wood carving.
(Polychrome means, simply...many colors)

Mission Santa Ines houses many historic items, such as music manuscripts and a beautiful collection of vestments...this one is thought to have actually been worn by Father Serra! 
The gardens at this Mission are beautiful. 
It truly is peaceful and a lovely place to wander.

In May 1844, the first seminary of the future State of California was built within the Mission Santa Ines' quadrangle.
A portion of its floor is still here.

The cemetery is, as always, one of my favorite places. 
The history...the people and the lives they led. 
It just speaks to me. 
And yes, I know that I am odd.

There is also a lovely area with The Stations of the Cross
Wandering to each post and imagining what Jesus must have been suffering for us is very powerful and beautiful at the same time.

The Mission is truly a must see. 
After the Mission, we wandered through the lovely Danish inspired village of Solvang. 
 Complete with bakeries, windmills and wooden shoes.

We found a fantastic book store that also houses a Hans Christian Anderson Museum on the top floor. 
A book of his stories was purchased and enjoyed over lunch.
Posing in front of a Little Mermaid Statue reminded me of this post.

 It truly was a memorable morning...next stop, Mission Number 4!

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