Saturday, February 1, 2014

Go Team!

When I was a very little girl watching football with my Dad (actually, probably doing something else in the room while football was on), I decided to become a fan of the Raiders as well as the Steelers. 
I liked black and I liked their uniforms. 
 True fan, here. 
 Anyway, growing up, I became more of a Raider fan...California team and all.
And Howie Long was CUTE!
True fan.
My Dad and Hubby are both 49ers...there was a conflict.
  As I watched Lollipop Pop start liking the Raiders because I liked the Raiders and I watched the hooligans in our area who were Raider fans, I decided they might not be the best example for a young girl. 
Besides Howie was no longer playing.
She was really into horses....Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning seemed like good guys so we became Colts fans. 
Yup...just like that! 
Well, fast forward to this year's Super Bowl.
 I really had no strong pull toward either team. 
I like the city of Seattle and Washington is a gorgeous state.
 Colorado is a place I think I could live in, but my dislike for the Broncos went back to the rivalry with the Raiders. 
What's a girl to do with no ties?
I discovered a tie...seems that the Broncos have a player, Virgil Green, from a nearby town who graduated high school from my husband's Alma Mater and Peyton is quarterback.
Sounds like kismet.
 The local radio station talked about Virgil a few days ago and with their musical ties, had a popular country song re-written and sung in his honor.
I can't figure out how to put just the song here,, but click on the link (Virgil Green) and toward the bottom on the left is a play button. 
You can read about Virgil as well.
Virgil's mom heard what the radio station had done and called in...she said her son calls her every day...very moving.

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Patty Marker said...

I grew up in a house full of men and liked the Rams (who were in Los Angeles at the time) until I saw Howie diggity dog. Sounded like a good enough reason to change loyalties to me. Cute post!