Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Butterflies Everywhere

We had a break from the everyday over the weekend and had a great three days. 
Since the girls had a 4 day weekend,  Shaggy had a three days off and there were no basketball games, we planned a trip to the coast.. 
Shaggy took the train from school and met us Friday night.
We enjoyed a weekend filled with food, family, golf and California Missions.
 Yesterday, the girls and I visited the Monarch Butterfly Park
 This is where a quarter of all Monarchs west of the Rockies call home
from November to February-ish. 

These guys are everywhere! 
They are in the trees is huge clusters as well as flitting around. 
 You do need to watch where you step as well.

 It is a sight to behold and well worth the trip if you are on the Central Coast of California in the winter. 

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Country Gal said...

More than a little jealous of butterflies in February. And you all are wearing shorts! Just not fair. ;)