Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Sweet Gift

One of the sweetest things in recent memory was as we were driving away from the house last summer to take Shaggy to college and he turned around to hand his tree house key to Sugar Plum Fairy.
It was hers now.
 Shaggy, his Dad and our dear friends built it in 2009.

There was a table, small bookshelf and chair in it until recently. 
 I decided it was high time to make it into a fun space for a little girl. 
I saw the heart idea at While He was Napping and Krista assured me that they were easy. 
They were indeed and we had fun making them.

.  She reads up there...she does her homework up there. 
She has added her artwork, her art set and she is happy as a clam.
Home sweet home for a 9 year old and a sweet gift from her big brother. 

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