Monday, February 24, 2014

A Mission, A Creek and Gum

San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Mission was the 5th California Mission to be 1772.
  It is now the center of a very cool college town as downtown San Luis Obispo has been built around it. 
When the Mission was built, the area was known as "The Canyon of the Bears" due to the number of grizzlies that inhabited the land. 
 The fountain in front of the Mission pays tribute to that.
Some of the rooms are closed due to  restoration, but the church was open and is as lovely as are the gardens.
Not only is this Mission a museum, it is one of the churches that is still an active parish..

There is a lovely creek that runs between the Mission and behind one of the main streets of town.  Cafes line this area and offer lovely and peaceful respites.
Looking at Mission from cafes

From Mission toward cafes
There are walkways along the creek and when the water is as low as it is now, rocks become stepping stones.

San Luis Obispo is the home to Cal Poly University and is really a nice city. 
It is clean, safe and fun for people of all ages.

 The Children's Museum was a favorite of all three of our kidnicks. 
There are gobs of eateries and boutiques in San Luis and a Farmer's Market to rival all Farmer's Markets on Thursday nights.

The city is green and lovely. 
That is everywhere but one certain alley...  Bubblegum Alley. 
This is said to have started in the 1960's, but has grown into quite something. 
Lollipop Pop wanted to visit it, which for a former germophobe, was quite  a request. 
Sugar Plum Fairy was not all!

 It is odd, strange, slightly gross, but something you should see if you are ever in the area.
It is definitely unique.
 It was a lovely day together.    

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