Thursday, January 16, 2014

True Friends

Years ago, I was visiting over the phone with a friend who was living in another town raising her young boys with her husband. 
She made a comment that has stuck with me. 
She had had a new friend over for a play date or something.
The new friend opened the microwave and it was okay. 
Well, the microwave was splattered and messy...and the new friend didn't care...didn't comment or judge.
It was at that moment that I realized true friends don't care what your house looks like. 
They don't care if you wear your pants to town inside out...yes, I did that yesterday and when I shared that tid-bit with my mother, I think she fell on the floor in laughter.
They don't care if they have to scoot aside kids' socks when they sit down. 
She will sit in your backyard amidst the weeds and still love you.
From Life(in)grace  FB page...fitting for this topic.
True friends understand what an off the wall text in the middle of the night means...they get you.  That friend from so many years ago is still my "dirty microwave" friend.
Do you have a friend like that?

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