Friday, January 17, 2014


"In just the past two weeks the extreme drought in California jumped from 27.59 percent of the state to 62.71 percent, reports meteorologist Chris Dolce of The Weather Channel, citing the U.S. Drought Monitor.
That's the highest percentage of extreme drought coverage in California since the drought monitor began in 2000. Previous highest extreme drought coverage percentage was 35.23 percent in 2007."
NBC News

It's not just the farmers who are hurting...while our agriculture well is out of water, we have had to lower our domestic pump as low as it will go.
We are STILL on the waiting list to drill a new well.
Scary stuff.
Towns' wells are suffering. 
Individual homeowners are digging new wells.
We pray for rain in church as one.
There was a radio talk show the other evening wondering if a mass car wash of some sort would know the old saying, "It's going to rain since you just washed your car".
We are in desperate times right now. 
Driving to town yesterday, I was passing through dust clouds as farmers worked in their orchards. 
It is January...there should be no dust.
Trees are trying to leaf January.
Fire season began early in Southern California January.
The temps are to be at the 70 degree mark today.
Sugar Plum Fairy wished aloud that it was cold enough for a January.
Would you please help us pray for rain?
Pray without ceasing.
                            1 Thess. 5:17

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Michelle said...

I do hope things turn around for you, weather wise.