Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Memories and Art

I have a nephew who is a true artist. 
He is the one who drew "Winter, the Dolphin" for Sugar Plum Fairy's birthday. 
 I had been playing with an idea in my mind for a couple years and this year, my husband gave me the missing, obvious piece...our nephew.
My mother in law has become quite forgetful for the past few years...being 90 years old does that to a person. 
There are some things that she remembers vividly and her childhood home in the Azores had been one of them. 
We asked our nephew to draw that house as a Christmas gift. 
 Our hope was that it would spark a memory for her. 
If not, it would still be a beautiful piece of family history created by a new generation.
From several photos of the house, art was made. 


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Country Gal said...

What a perfect gift! Brilliant idea - one that will be cherished.