Friday, January 3, 2014

Change is Okay...I Think

I mentioned at Thanksgiving that I don't like change.
Well, I am learning that change happens and it is what you make of it. 
We have always had our "fancy" Christmas dinner at my folks' home on Christmas Eve. 
That changed this year and while it was not the same, it was not bad. 
In fact, it was nice.
  Some tweaking in the years to come on the guest list and it might just become our new tradition.

The table was set very simply with greenery and candles. 
 It smelled so good!
While I was finishing in the kitchen, a rousing dice game was in full force...nothing says Christmas like gambling.  :-)

In the years past, upon our arrival home after dinner, the kids have discovered new jammies in their rooms. 
Sugar Plum Fairy mentioned to me earlier this month that Santa is not the one who does that. 
"It is his elves, because they don't leave footprints". 
 Hmmm....I never knew that! 
Anyway, there was some worry that since we would be dining at home this year, the jammies would not be able to be delivered.
But that sneaky Santa and his elves surprised us all! 
While the Reindeer Food was being scattered....

...something was spied!
Seems there was a special delivery made while we were eating!

And, yes, the same photo op occurred that has been occurring for the past umpteen years.

Some things never change..

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Country Gal said...

We changed a few traditions this you too - and it was okay. Actually nice. I wonder how many more changes will be in store in the years to come for us as these kids of ours start getting married. Oh dear - I might just cry again!