Saturday, January 25, 2014

Beets.. Love or Not?

Beets are a veggie that gets a bad rap in my mind. 
I love working with them...I love the color the water runs when cleaning them.
 I picture Ma Ingalls dying fabric.
(I always picture Ma when imagining bygone days)  
They are so pretty and I love the earthy tasty of them.
 Growing up, Mom made a simple salad that consisted of canned, shoestring beets and French dressing...yup, that's is and I loved it!
In my house, I am alone in the beet loving category so I don't have them often, but I found a recipe recently that might just change that.
And boy is it filled with good stuff for your body! 
Beet and Carrot Soup
Wash and trim ends off of three beets
Wrap in foil and place in a 325* oven for 45ish minutes. 
You will be able to smell their beet-i-ness when they are done. (They should be fork tender) 
Open foil and let sit for a bit to cool.
Meanwhile, quarter 3 carrots and place on a large saucepan with 4 cups of chicken stock. 
Simmer until carrots are tender.
Once the beets are cool enough to handle, slide the peel off each beet. 
I love how they just slip magic. 
Quarter the beets and add to the saucepan for just a few minutes to heat back through.

Puree in a food processor
(VENT THE LID for steam to escape or your kitchen will be a lovely color of splattered pink)
or with a an immersion blender.
Salt and pepper to taste.
I have noticed that the soup thickens the longer it sits in the fridge, but a bit of water fixes it nicely.
So do you like beets or not?

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