Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A View From Above

As you know, California's water situation has surpassed dire.
There are a lot of politics that have played a MAJOR part in our water storage issues up until this point. 
Had politics been set aside years ago, the lack of rain and snowfall would be less of an issue now...we would still be in the midst of the driest year in 500 years, but we would have some water in storage to help. 
This side by side photo is from NASA/NOAA and shows what the Western States are facing.
The photo on the left is last year's view of California and the Sierra Nevada Mountains with a moderate amount of snow pack.
 Notice also, the amount of green. 
The same photo this year is on the right.  Frightening stuff, I tell you.
They are calling for a chance of rain here on Thursday....I frankly will believe it and relish it when I see and feel it.

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Michelle said...

I do hope you get it.