Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Month of Instagram Pics..Woo Hoo!

I was perusing my Instagram photos and  had to chuckle at the range of things that occurred between December 11 and January 11.

The waiting room at the hospital during Mom's surgery was filled with a family who could learn a bit about what is appropriate to share in a hospital waiting room in loud voices. 
Slapping police officers (and proud of it).
 I learned that the State will pay for Uncle Somebody's living AND medical expenses but when he dies, the family will have to pay for his burial.
One of these ladies kindly offered her backyard. 
My sister generously offered to make the scarves Lollipop Pop was giving as Christmas gifts.
She also custom made one of her Infinity Scarves for our rival high school!
I really should learn to knit.
My daughter's basketball tourney occurred in the same town as Mom's surgery, so I didn't have to make choices on where to be. 
 I could be both places for those days.
The small things in tough situations can certainly make difficult situations easier to manage.
We were treated to a lady who took her pygmy goat to Wal-Mart.
She was the hit of the parking lot.

I grew nostalgic one morning after taking flowers to the cemetery and drove past my fist apartment in town after I moved away from home for good.
 It is an old home that was turned into a tri-plex. 
So pretty.

Miss Janie Fox decorated her car and shared in on Instagram...loved the idea, so I copied her.
The Gingerbread  Villages was completed and I forgot to try this trick
 There was a collapse at one point, so I hope I remember next year.
Having older kidnicks means a quiet house on Christmas morning for us....not a peep from any of them until much later.
I received a special gift from my family from Becky's shop.
.  I am definitely blessed.
Nutella Crepes and riding lessons make little girls happy.

 So do special treats for little sisters when they have to come along before the sun is up to take big sister to basketball practice.

Puzzles and crafts filled in some spare time.
There were moments under a blanket reading. 
 Granted, it was not cold enough for a blanket, but I am in denial. 
It is January and it should not be in the 70's.
Having a real Christmas tree this year was exactly what I had hoped for, although it was crispy and ready to go in the end.
There was only one casualty in the removal of decorations this year as well. 
 This guy bounced several time before breaking, as well.
I received a very special gift from my sister.
It brought wonderful memories back from my childhood.
  I got to drive into the hills to take and retrieve Lollipop Pop from a church retreat. 
What a perfect place to spend a weekend and she returned home with new plans. 
 I could not be more happy.

Living in the city is not the only place traffic standstills occur....

And when a tube of dough gets left on the counter to reach room temp and then is forgotten while the sun warms it up, a loud bang and clattering of metal occur as bottom shoots across the kitchen.
You will jump and then worry about what critter has gained access to your home.

 And lastly...Shaggy is home, which means there has been an extra vehicle parked in front of the house, blocking my view of one last (I hope) decoration to be taken down and stashed.

Thanks for listening.


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Michelle said...

These are some great pics and the crescent roll explosion gave me a good laugh.