Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Love Story

Sometimes, the most simple of things are the most powerful and meaningful.
As a child, I always remember my Dad taking a nap on weekend afternoons.
Mom said he was checking his eyelids for leaks.
 Over the years and after he retired a nap was a daily ritual...usually in their bedroom on the bed.
 I never called the house between certain times because I knew he was resting.
 I did envy him that he could take a quick nap and wake up refreshed and ready to...naps for me were usually not quick and I woke up grumpy, needing to "wake up" from my nap....not worth it.
Anyway, my point is that Dad has always taken naps...just the way it has been...that is until early December.
 It  was discovered that Mom was going to need surgery. 
It would require some time in the hospital and recovery at home.
 While my sister and I were at the hospital one day, she told me something that Dad had shared.  When Dad learned of the surgery, he began weaning himself off his naps. 
He stopped going to the bedroom to lie down, instead sitting in his chair in the living room  to nap.
 After a bit, even that was no longer necessary.
He knew that his wife was going to need him and he did what it took to make that happen.
 As I have watched him over the past 4 weeks care for my Mom, and her letting him, I have been reminded what a strong, nearly 50 year marriage looks like.
 I am blessed to be witness to that.


Michelle said...

A lovely post.

Country Gal said...

So sweet! You are blessed to have that example!

MoriDawn said...

Beauutttifullll legacy and I see you following on their footsteps ������

MoriDawn said...

Beauutttifullll legacy and I see you following in their footsteps 💖💖💖