Monday, January 6, 2014

2 Years Already?

Two years ago, I found LLU and have never looked back. 
Beginning, 10 weeks in and ending
The signups for the next 20 week class are beginning soon and I can tell you first hand that this program works. 
It is not a fad.
It is not a diet. 
It is truly a way of life and if you put in the time and effort, you can see great success as well. 
I have been honored to be an Assistant Coach after my success, and watch and hopefully help others. I tell you, the Coaches that are in place to help this next time are awesome. 
Seriously awesome!
You will learn not just WHAT to eat, but what not to eat and WHY. 
You will dig and discover things about yourself that may be contributing to your weight.
It is not always easy, but after nearly 2 years of not gaining the weight back, I promise that it is worth it.
If you want to read about MY journey, click on the LLU label to the right.


Michelle said...

You look great! So glad that you are keeping the weight off!

Country Gal said...

Two years already! Congrats! You're doing great!