Monday, December 9, 2013

Week One of Advent

Several years ago, I revamped our Advent Calendar routine. 
I was never a huge fan of treats each day and with three kids with a wide range of ages, it was difficult for me to figure out.
Each day, there is a slip of paper with a "task" to do. 
Sugar Plum Fairy adores racing to see what is in store for her each morning. 
Day 1 - Make Advent Wreath
Day 2 - Make Chocolate cover Marshmallows and make a CARE package for Shaggy.

Day 3 - Make Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
(We delivered some to grandparents and mailed more to my sister and her family)

Day 4 - Give carrots to Hannah and Chloe

Day 5- Watch Christmas Parade

Day 6 - Watch Frozen after school TODAY!
Day 7 - Give cats warm milk.
Fun stuff, I tell you. 

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Michelle said...

That is fun stuff. You are making some good memories.