Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 2 of Advent

(If you reside in Norway or Japan , have ever lived in my parent's home AND have not received an envelope in the mail....skip this post until your mail arrives, please)
 Day 8 - Make Snowflakes and mail to Aunt Zumi in Japan

Day 9 - Make Snowflake Hearts and mail to Aunt Molly in Norway

Day 10 - Give Hun and Pepe kisses after school

Day 11 - Have Daddy read your favorite Christmas book to you before bed tonight.
Day 12 - Read a Christmas Book to your family in front of the fire with hot chocolate tonight.

Day 13 - Give Lollipop Pop 10 old and 10 new kisses and a GINORMOUS hug.

  Day  14 - Make gifts for friends.

Time is flying!


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