Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap

  This year, our Thanksgiving celebration looked a bit different. 
Shaggy was home from college all week, but my nephew would only be home for a few days before heading back down to school to catch the USC-UCLA football game...the lucky guy! 
 Lollipop Pop had a band trip that left on Friday morning for two days.
We also wanted to work in Thanksgiving dinner with my hubby's family on Thursday as well. 
With kids in college, things change. 
Things have to be rearranged from time to time. 
 A new normal has to be established and figured out. 
It is all good, but different. 
 I am not a fan of change.
 After much back and forth, it was decided that my sister would have their dinner as a family and we would have ours. 
We convinced our folks that no feelings would be hurt if they did not take part in both feasts (there is a bit of a drive to my sister's home) and we planned our dinner for Wednesday night.
Shaggy picked his Grandparents up and took them home.
Nice to have a designated driver in residence.
I was determined not to stress this year. 
 After my wonderful husband offered to take care of the turkey, I was good to go. 
 I made a "make ahead gravy" (roasted turkey wings and veggies first and then into stock and magically, gravy) and prepped the goodies for the stuffing a week ahead. 
The sweet tater casserole was done days in advance,  as was the pumpkin pie filling.
  I made the pies in mini muffin pans and froze the rest of the filling. 
  The little things like toasting the almonds for the green beans and making the vinaigrette were done and set aside. 
The salad components were gathered and kept together in the fridge. The recipe came from this book and I loved it...the book, too!
I set out all the table setting stuff on the counter Tuesday night...
...and by early Wednesday morning, the table was finished. 

All I had to do on Wednesday was finished the dressing and stick it in the oven. 
 The turkey was amazing...moist and yummy, thanks to my husband.
I really missed not visiting with my sister and her family, but they were with us in spirit and Christmas is coming soon.
I am hoping no changes on that front...we shall see.

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Michelle said...

What a lovely table and I am sure you all enjoyed being together.