Monday, December 2, 2013

Superman and a Dog Loving Girl

My hubby catered to my every whim this weekend.
My goal was to get the tree up and the house decorated inside and out before Monday. 
While I started on the inside, he cleaned out rain gutters and hung the outside lights
  He was my hero. 
 He didn't question my frantic lunacy...and there was plenty to go around.
Miss Sugar Plum Fairy helped me greatly but also made time to put on a show for us with Maddie. 
I tell you, this girl has a love for animals that is unparalleled.

And her love is returned ten fold.
  Pretty nice weekend around these parts.
 How about you? 
What went on in your world?



Michelle said...

Decorating here as well. Glad it is finished!

Anonymous said...

Gurl, my life is so full that I can't remember what went on this weekend. Let me think....
No decorating yet, but church and church and visiting with friends and a bible study saturday night. Oh my goodness we stay busy. I've also, along with my oldest son, taken on the challenge of teaching a friend how to play guitar. So add atleast a couple of practices per week to my already busy life. But he is a joy to be around so it's really a lot of fun. We started around the beginning of November and he wants us to learn a Christmas song to perform at church in the next couple of weeks. Wish us luck!