Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mice Make My Skin Crawl

The following is the scenario that played out in our home the other evening when Sugar Plum Fairy came into the kitchen and announced to me that there was a mouse in the corner behind her Dad's chair in the family room.
I told her to let the dog in the house and close the door to the kitchen...because EVERYONE knows mice don't crawl under doors and I would be safe where I was. 
 In my head, I was thinking, "Not now...Hubby is out of town, the pantry is full of delectable mouse treats and I do not have time to empty it out and start over. 
I don't!"
After a few minutes, I ventured into the family room where our 9 year old daughter sat on the as a cucumber..the dog had her eyes on the critter under the bookshelf. 
It was then calmly explained to me that she had watched said mouse scurry across the floor from one side of the room to the other followed by the dog. 
Not a peep out of daughter while this was happening.
I then had to make a decision.
Lollipop Pop needed to be picked up from basketball practice and I needed to go the mouse trap store. 
I decided that I probably should not leave the dog and mouse in the house alone together while I was gone. 
 I had visions of Christmas trees toppled upon my return.
Got to the store and arrived at the counter with my loot...8 mouse traps.
I even tried to get the clerk to come home with me to set them all up to no avail.
Picked eldest daughter up from the gym and home we went. 
The dog came back in with us and promptly went to sleep. 
Big help.
We baited the traps with peanut butter and set them where the beast had been sighted. 
Also in the garage where I am sure it had come in.
Lollipop Pop and Sugar Plum Fairy went to 8:00pm.
I stayed up....with shoes on and my feet in the chair.
When I finally went to bed, I closed the door to the family room...remember, critter will not be able to get to MY side if I do this.
All night, as I listened to the normal noises in the house, I imagined the trap being set off...and not finishing the rodent off...and it running around in pain. 
Sheesh...what a sap!
I was certain that I would have a deceased critter this morning in the house. 
Nary a one. 
The trap in the garage, though, was full. 
Hopefully tonight will be the night my housebound guest will make its departure.
I don't like wearing shoes!

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Country Gal said...

Me too! I despise mice. And rats. and gerbils. And hamsters. My skin is crawling for you! Should I send you a pair of my snow boots to protect you?