Friday, December 6, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

I understand that I can not relate to those of you in other parts of the country with cold weather and the only time I have ever been so cold that I was seriously worried that I would lose toes was in Norway.
But we, in sunny California, are experiencing a few days this week with night time temps in the low 20's. 
I took Lollipop Pop to basketball practice this morning at was 24 degrees...and dark. 
The mornings and nights are filled with the sounds of wind machines in the citrus groves and frost covers everything.
The  leaves on every tree are falling en mass and gives the illusion of an orange and yellow rain storm.
The BEST thing about these temps is that it will kill all the flies.
  I am so happy!
AND I am going to build the first fire in the fireplace today.
AND I have turkey soup on the stove.
AND I will finish decorating the tree...I hope.
It is a good day!

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Michelle said...

Enjoy being cozy! We are having snow and sleet. A reason to hang out at home this weekend :)