Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Cookie Break from Decorating

I worked hard all weekend to get the house decorated.
All that is left is the tree to be decked out. 
 It is up and ready. 
 I wanted everything done by last night because I was having 10 4-H Mini Members in our home for their final meeting of the year.
 Normally when I decorate, I have boxes laying around for a couple days and everything is a mess.  Having the meeting on the Monday after Thanksgiving really pushed me to get it all done.
 Our Club Christmas Party is tonight and I wanted the Mini's to prepare something for that.
Decorating Sugar Cookies would be fun for the kids.
Sugar Plum Fairy and I baked Sugar Cookies Sunday night and I made icing on Monday.
Those two recipes are here.
 I have done these for Mini Members before, but that was two years ago ands those kids are old now.
The kids each decorated two cookies to share at the Party tonight and two for themselves to take home.

  I also set up a Hot Chocolate Mix station. 
I wrote the amounts of each ingredient and the kidnicks filled their Mason Jars accordingly, tied a cute label on with Baker's Twine and off they went an hour and a half later. 

One of the parents commented on how much patience I have.
 At the moment of the comment, I had one boy skating across my wood floor in his sock feet...which is totally fun, by the way. 
I asked him if he remembered what had happened when he did that last year. 
He answered, "Yup...I fell and hit my head, but I'm okay now". 
I had to laugh. 
I also remembered earlier in the afternoon when these three were waiting for the others to arrive.  They were singing  Christmas Carols and reading books together.
 These are some great kids who follow direction well and have fun. 
It has been a joy to be involved with them this year and I hope they have had fun and learned something to boot.
Tomorrow...the tree!

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Anonymous said...

Hot chocolate, cookie decorating and sock skating! So much fun!!