Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mystery Reader

Sugar Plum Fairy's teacher invites  Mystery Readers to her class during the year.
  These Mystery Readers can be siblings, parents, grandparents, whomever. 
 Yesterday was my day.
Earlier in the week, I was asked, by top secret message, to fill out a "clue questionnaire".
Items like "favorite book as an adult", "favorite book as a child", "schools attended", "number of pets" and "occupation".
That was tricky....trying to answer the questions honestly...but in a way that might stump my daughter who basically knows me inside and out.
The class hears the answers and then gets to guess who the reader will be before the reader walks into the classroom. 
I was guessed.
Not by my daughter.
Sugar Plum Fairy adores animals and Charlie is no exception.
Pioneer Woman's blog was the first one I followed and read religiously in the beginning of the blogosphere way back when.
  I thought it would be fun to read her book and to make one of her recipes for the class to snack on.
I was nervous. 
I practiced 4 times...
in my living room...
Feeling silly.
As I walked into the classroom, the room erupted with cheers and greetings.
Nothing like a room full of 8 and 9 years olds shouting your name with happiness.
Boosts one's confidence in an instant.
After reading about Charlie and his ranching life, the kidnicks were invited to ask questions...most of them pertained to the clues I had given.
Many of the questions revolved around the schools I attended...namely the high school. 
There is a definite rivalry between two of the high schools and the class is divided. 
 I of course, went to the best one.
It was fun to see how their minds worked. 
After the question and answer period, I passed out these treats
If you are every in need of a cookie that is easy, yummy and a bit different, this is it. 
They travel well and don't test my aversion to baking.
One I was passing out a second cookie, I told my potential future son-in-law, who wearing my rival high school's sweatshirt proudly, that he could have seconds IF he admitted that my high school was better. 
He looked my in the eye and said,
"I'll pass".
I tell you, this rivalry is strong.

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Michelle said...

I am sure you were quite the hit!