Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Boy

As parents, we always pray, hope and wonder if we did enough. 
Were we enough?
Did all the badgering, hounding, teaching, loving and guiding work? 
When Shaggy came  home last month for the first time, two things stuck out to me. 
Number one, he did not bring ANY dirty laundry home for me to do. 
 Teaching our kids to do laundry at a young age worked...or he just didn't want to listen to me complain.
 Either way, I'm happy.
Secondly, I discovered that he reads my blog...every day. 
THAT warmed my heart to no end.
Last Sunday, I received this text from him after he read this.

When I neglected to read the text and respond in a timely manner, he called me to talked over my Christmas Music transgression.
 Yup, he listened and he is indeed my son.
He also makes me very happy and proud.


Michelle said...

lol I like this!

Susan said...

Awwwww, your boy sounds like a sweetheart. That's so nice he reads your blog! Susan