Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mini Members 2013

I am still the 4-H Mini Member Leader. 
 I have cut back...last year, I was the Cooking Leader and Co-Community Leader, but this year, just Minis. 
These kidnicks are so stinking cute. 
They are between 5 and 8 years old and have great personalities and such imagination. 
We just completed our second meeting of the year and I think their projects turned out great. 
I discovered these key chains and thought this would be an inexpensive project to make and would encompass some arts and crafts and a bit of wood working.
The minis created their color pallete and glued each stick onto the rectangles of wood with a strong wood glue. 
After several days (Because life happened) I used an Exacto knife and cut the edges off. 
Last week, the kids sanded the edges if needed and Mod Podged their creation with a couple coats.  Really cute for a backpack or sweet gift. 

At the first meeting, I also let them try their hand at photography. 
Sugar Plum Fairy and I explained how to frame the shot to exclude
 background distractions as well as shadows. 
They were then set loose in the yard to click away. 
I did have several props set up as well.
  I had the photos developed and last week, they chose the one picture they liked the most and would show at the spring fairs. 
A local framing studio donated the mattes to us, as well as cut them to size for me.
 I showed the members how different color mattes will make colors pop in the photo. 
 The kidnicks chose their matte and decorated it to their heart's desire.
  No rules. 
I wanted them to just create and have fun. 
Which they did.
Mission accomplished.

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