Sunday, November 3, 2013

Confession X 2

I have two confessions. 
 One is to admit that I have been wrong for most of my life.
 I have ALWAYS been adamant about nothing Christmasy until after Thanksgiving. 
 Thanksgiving has been lost between Halloween and Christmas for years. 
Thanksgiving is such an important holiday to families in this country.
It should be celebrated with family.
It is a time to give thanks for the country we live in. 
 I would not participate in the marketing of Christmas before Thanksgiving and I trained my children and apparently my husband accordingly.
That part of by belief  still stands and I still get irritated when I walk into a store that is decked out for Christmas in October.
 Last week, I turned Pandora on while I was cooking in the kitchen. 
Christmas music. 
I turned it up LOUD. 
 I sang.
I felt happy and smiled. 
I am a "Pre-Thanksgiving Christmas Listening Person".
My second confession is just lain embarrassing.
  I woke up LAST Sunday morning and changed the clocks in the kitchen back an hour.
  I was pleased that this clock would finally be correct again...I never changed it in the spring. 
I went through my day doing whatever I was doing. 
I sat down at the computer at 4:45pm. 
 My husband asked what time dinner was going to be since we were headed to Mass. 
 I cheerfully stated  "6:00pm". 
He then asked if he could help me with anything since that was in 15 minutes...
I was a week early for the time change. 
What a dork!

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