Friday, November 22, 2013

Birthdays and Roses

Today marks my father in law's birthday. 
 He would have been 87 years old...I believe.
I shared photos and my thoughts last year.
When we moved to this house, we had to leave a tree rose behind that had been given to us when my father in law passed away. 
 It was just the wrong time of year to transplant it and we didn't think it would have survived. 
Several years later, my hubby was talking to the new owners of our old house and they were planning on removing the rose.
The gentleman was told of the meaning to us and he offered to give it to us.
 It STILL wasn't the time to transplant, but we tried.
It flourished.
I always present my husband with the first rose of the year and this year was able to gather a beautiful bouquet in time for his father's birthday.

While my father in law is gone in body, he lives on in spirit within all of us.
 Happy Birthday!

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Michelle said...

A wonderful way to remember him.