Friday, November 15, 2013

A Text that Led to a Rambling Post...You've Been Warned

I received a text from Lollipop Pop last Friday. 
She had a band competition on Saturday night and she and a friend were planning their snacks for the bus ride and was hoping that I had made these.
I had indeed made a batch for Sugar Plum Fairy's party.
I told her she could have some if there were any leftovers from the Luau.
  I then decided to  share with her what I had done already that day....I was wondering if I had bit off more than I could chew.
I think I also was affirming to myself that I HAD done  much of what needed to be done.
 It is funny in a way, that when I am stressed or under the gun, I get a lot accomplished.
Now, much of the stress was self imposed, I admit.
The mini pies I made were because I was trying to make a point that was probably lost on everyone but me.
The Lemon Bars could have easily been made on Sunday before Shaggy went BACK to school, but I wanted them ready upon his arrival.
He could have also washed the Tahoe himself when he got home, but I wanted to surprise him and I had to return home after taking Sugar Plum Fairy to school to get it so she wouldn't know.
Nobody would have known if the house was washed off or not, but me. 
I bring much of the stress in my life on myself. 
The older I get, though, I am learning that I do NOT have to do everything. 
There was a time several years ago when I was doing a ton of stuff...Parent Group President, Band Uniforms, leader of 3  projects in 4-H, trying to be a terrific Mom to 3 kidnicks and a good wife.
There were several problems with that scenario. 
I was not doing anything very well. 
 A lot of half baked jobs. 
And I felt guilty if I took time for myself. 
That's when, and a small part of why, I grew to 237 pounds! 
I found LLU and a way to prioritize what was most important in my life. 
I let a lot of the "stuff" go.
Learning to release the guilt for not doing everything for everyone was tough.
I feel much more happy and present in my own life, now.
 It is amazing!
So while I put many items on my To Do list and was a crazy woman for a few days, I accomplished everything on that list and I did not feel guilty about any of the things I just let go (like not running to the kitchen to make an extra batch of pretzels).
Making peace with in myself truly allows me to be a better person to those around me...most of the time.



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Michelle said...

We just can't do everything. Sometimes, as the mom, I feel like I need to, but it just doesn't happen!