Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Selfless Gift

When we made the decision to move Shaggy and Lollipop Pop to a new school, we didn't think much about how that would impact us. 
 We worried about how the kidnicks would adjust...Shaggy was in the 4th grade and Lollipop Pop was in the second.
We worried about them making new friends...new teachers...new environment. 
They both adjusted very easily and well, as children usually do. 
What I gained, as well, were new friends. 
This woman was instantly welcoming and kind. 
She is the life of any gathering and her love and faith is second to none. 
 She is the proud Mama of 7 kids...yes, she is a little bit nuts as well.  
As the years have passed, we have become good friends. 

Another thing about this woman is that if you are a friend or family, she will move Heaven and earth to help if she can. 
She has a dear friend of more than 40 years whose son is in need. 
 He suffers from a disease known as Alport Syndrome.

I don't know a lot about the disease other than, in Eric, it began with hearing problems as a small child. 
His hearing got worse through his teens.
Some new symptoms appeared that prompted more testing and this 18 year old high school football star and workout king was diagnosed. 
His kidneys were nearly failing. 
Dialysis was begun. 
For more than a year, donor testing was done on a family member, but was determined early this year that the uncle was not viable. 
Fast forward to last June when Eric was skin and bones, had lost all hope and purpose in his life and refused to go back to dialysis..
God tugged on my friend's heart and after a short period of time decided that she needed to be tested.
The following is what this woman told me. 
Her words are too powerful for me to paraphrase.

I prayed that God would touch him and show Eric just how much he was loved by the Father and that He had a plan and purpose for his life.
Just give him Jesus and a Hope of real life in Him.
That is my 1st prayer along with a miracle healing..
 I tested and sure enough my blood was a match..
God has worked every detail out and what we were told could not take place in such a short time, has now became a reality.
 Because with God ALL things are possible..
I literally cried the day I  got the call with a scheduled date.
Two days before Thanksgiving.
In my heart, that also was one of my silent prayers.
How cool,  God,  this could be if it was to take place before Thanksgiving giving Eric the best gift ever to be thankful for..
This morning, her selfless act will come to fruition. 
She will give a kidney to Eric and give this 20 year old man the gift of life.
They are in an amazing hospital and I know that the surgeons' hands are blessed with God's grace.  As I told my friend yesterday, there was a reason she was at Eric's birth all those years ago. 
She was meant to do this. 
 I do not know that I would be so strong and faithful given this choice. 
 I am proud to call her friend.


MoriDawn said...

JEN I love you more than you can ever know you are the dearest most caring passionate friend and neighbor I could have ever ask for and I am beyond blessed with u thank u so much my heart is so overwhelmed with love:)

Country Gal said...

Wow! What an amazing gift!