Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Norwegian Birthday-Update

Today marks the birthday of my Norwegian Sister. 
Actually, I goofed. 
Today is really her Birthday EVE!
 (MY senior picture looks much the same as this one...times have certainly changed in that department)

She came to live with my folks for a year when she was in high school as a Foreign Exchange Student. 
We became fast friends.
We have attended her wedding, we attended the Olympics with her and welcomed she and her new family at Christmas one year while they lived and studied on the East Coast.
(I have a scanner that might be compatible with this computer now, so someday, I will download a bunch of pics and share those times...if I remember)
I shared each of my pregnancies first with this lady. 
I was pregnant with Shaggy when we went to the Olympics, but it was very early and we had not told anyone. 
She and her husband guessed and then asked after I had not taken part in the wine drinking.
I figured it was a good omen to tell her first from that point on...and it worked.
She is a hard working Mom and Wife. 
The following is a portion of the letter she wrote to include in our parent's birthday book last summer. 
. The year made such big impact, I can still feel it.
The year living with you was a big life changer. 
There has always been “before and after the year with the B's”.
 I feel very special for being a part of your lives.
You are still a very important part in my life.
Every time I use the English language, memories of my Californian family keep popping up.
Every time I travel, I remember something from my first year abroad.
Even ordinary meals make me think of you: French toast, taco with pickle relish, “there’s no real dinner without vegetables”, and not to forget: Remembering Dad stealing the middle of the water melon slice still gives me the giggles.
 For all the memories and our lifelong relationship I am very grateful.
I love you both, my dear Californian parents
.She is kind and beautiful in every way possible and we wish you a very happy birthday!


Michelle said...

How wonderful that you have kept this friendship through the years and miles!

Country Gal said...

How cool to host an exchange student! Even cooler that your still friends!