Friday, November 1, 2013

A Candy Rebel

After every home football game, the band parents serve the band members treats after their halftime show. 
This has been going on for decades. 
Each game has a theme of sorts...brownies, cake, cookies, pies. 
 The pies are one that never changes. 
Last home game...pies. 
Way back when, everything was homemade. 
Now,  with every one's busy schedules, and the availability of bakeries in every supermarket, store bought has become more evident.
I am a creature of habit...and tradition.  
We were asked to bring a bag of candy to last night's game since it fell on Halloween. 
 Candy...not a problem. 
Generic, run of the mill, store bought?
Wasn't my cup of tea. 
 I have seen these floating around the blogosphere for a couple years and thought they would be fun.
  I dipped the sticks into melted vanilla or chocolate candy wafers and stuck them in top of each marshmallow. 
 When the girls got home from school, they helped me dunk into more melts and then into sprinkles.  Very festive, homemade, thoughtful and  since I sent them to the game in a bag,
I met the "bag of candy" requirement.

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Country Gal said...

Such a rebel! But a cool one! I bet nobody complained and your treats were the first ones scarfed down!