Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Proud Golf Mama

 Lollipop Pop's golf team is filled with a bunch of personalities. 
It is filled with girls who step up and support each other if the need arises. 
They encourage and cheer...not only their team-mates, but their opponents as well.
They are caring and compassionate. 
They ended the season on Monday undefeated. 
They won the League tournament handily yesterday.
This team has gone into their  high school record books
They will be playing as a team in the area tourney next week and are sending 3 individual players as well.
They smell the grass for luck...personalities, I tell ya'!
It is a joy to watch them.


Anonymous said...

Good job, girls! Congratulations!!
"Smell the grass for luck"....1st time I've heard that one. LoL...whatever works!!!

Country Gal said...

Great work Lollipop! That "smell the grass" thing is hilarious! But it must be working!