Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Normal

I prepared myself for the actual move in day for Shaggy at college. 
 I was not going to embarrass him or cry or make waves of any sort.
 I did well.  
Tears were not shed.
In the following month, I did not pester him with questions.
 I did not check up on him. 
 I let him text me first.
This is his time grow into a man and make his own decisions. 
 I know that our relationship is evolving and I want him to take the lead. 
As hard as it is to let go, I am doing it.
He called me on my cell for the first time the week before we went down...just to chat.
Made my day...who am I kidding....made my week!
 Do you watch the TV show "The Middle"?
There are moments in the show that I feel there might be a camera in OUR house.
Well, their son went off to college.
As they moved their son into the dorm, he ran off to have fun. 
The parents were left in the room wanting for "A Moment".
When we went to Parent's Weekend, I wanted "moments".  
We had moments.
We had a fantastic Greek dinner.
 Shaggy, Lollipop Pop and my Hubby played golf while our youngest and I visited the Arboretum.
  Our moments are special when we see each other. 
When we have fun together. 
This new normal is kind of nice, I think.

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Country Gal said...

New normals. You're doing good mama!