Monday, October 7, 2013

Birthday in a Box

 Shaggy is away at college. 
Shaggy just turned 19.
This was the first birthday of any of our kidnicks that was spent apart. 
He went out to dinner with new friends.

  I tried not to think too much. 
He is doing what he is supposed to be, but this Mama is feeling a bit sad and melancholy.
 Selfishness, I know.

  He will be home for the weekend soon and our family will celebrate properly then. 
BUT, I could not let him have a birthday without a little something from home. 
So...I baked the best chocolate cake on the planet, picked up some battery operated candles and sent plates and birthday napkins for him to celebrate with his friends. 
Add a few treats and you have Birthday in a Box.

We received this from him...

Mission accomplished.


Michelle said...

What a wonderful idea!

Michelle said...

How sweet!

Country Gal said...

Great idea! Thankfully a house mom asked me Matt's favorite cake and baked one for my boy last year. I'm so glad you could still be "the maker of the birthday"!