Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baseball and Rivalries-Updated

I just received a tongue lashing from my Mom...please see in red below, what I did.

When I was growing up, I lived in a house divided during baseball season. 
My Mom was a die hard Dodger and my Dad was a Giant.
Mind you, the rivalry was always friendly and nothing like the idiocy in the news nowadays.
 When I married my Hubby, my Dad was Mom, not so much (at least as far as baseball went)....another Giant fan. 
The jabs and muttering during the post season were most evident when these two teams met...or even was still in the post season and one was not!
 I will have to find a photo that shows how far this went when my Mom painted a mural in Shaggy's nursery.
She painted a plane that was pulling a banner that said, "Go Giants" across one corner of the wall.
My guffaw was that Mom painted "Go DODGERS" on the banner...not Giants.
What a dork I am...
I tell you, the rivalry thing has scarred me for life...
I can't even think straight anymore!
It was not all...until my husband discovered it. 
In the time before Shaggy was born, that banner was painted over and over again...
Go Giants or Go Dodgers.
Whomever had the paintbrush last.
When Shaggy was little, he was a Giant fan.
My house was peaceful...I truly didn't care a whole bunch. 
 One year, shortly after we had switched elementary schools, Shaggy's new principal discovered he was a Giant fan and decided to have some fun with the new 4th grader.
 He had Shaggy called to his reason given. 
 Can you imagine the fear and trepidation our son felt being called to the Principal's office.
  Mr. S. played it cool and asked how Shaggy know the things that make a kid squirm and wonder, "What did I do" and "Why am I here"? 
After a few minutes, the question was asked, "So, how about those Giants?" 
Funny stuff. 
 It also re-enforced our decision to change schools.  
When a principal takes the time to know the little things about his students, it means a lot.
Fast forward to Shaggy becoming his own person. 
 He has been a Cardinal fan for quite a few years now. 
The facts that the Giants are out of the running AND that my Mom and my son do not live with me, I still have peace. 
 It is the little things. 

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