Wednesday, October 30, 2013

An Instagram Week in Review

Several weekends ago, I headed to the in no other person with me. 
 I had never done that before, but I knew I needed a bit of a respite before the hectic craziness that would encompass our lives  arrived. 
 It was exactly what I needed to do all. 
 I saw a movie alone.
 I wandered through Trader Joe's alone and took pictures of flowers and I just WAS.
In just the last week, we have watch Lollipop Pop and her golf team compete in the Area Tournament, placing second and advancing to the Valley Tournament.
 That tourney was yesterday and as a team, they improved their score. 
While they won't be advancing to the Southern California Regionals, they are only the 2nd team in their high school's history to make it this far. 
Very proud.
Very happy the season is over.
Basketball has already begun!
 Sugar Plum Fairy's school holds an old fashioned Halloween Carnival. 
Thankfully, this year, it was held last Friday. 
 Cleopatra was excited and had a blast.

We HAD to get a picture of she and her buddy together. 
These two have been friends since kindergarten and we have pics of them together every year since then. 
 I need to dig those up. 
This boy has had some of the best costumes ever and he is a good young man to have in my daughter's corner.

 Monday afternoon, we even were treated to a few sprinkles. 
Much needed and most welcome around these parts. 
There was even a downpour later in the evening in small areas...namely the area I was driving in.

So, that's it in an Instagram nutshell. 
Still in the midst of busy-ness, but taking it one day at a time and not getting overwhelmed...yet.
How about you? 
What's going on in your neck of the woods?


Country Gal said...

Trader Joe's - alone?! Nice! Time to just be. What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers!
Congrats to Lollipop Pop and her team!
Adorable Cleopatra and her friend!
We also had a little rain this week. We had a wet summer, but so far fall has been very dry.
I am longing to head to the coast. I'm about 3 or so hours away and haven't had time to go that way. I am SOOOO longing to just sit on the beach and do nothing. Just let all my stress be washed away with the tide.
Now....Instagram? How can I find you there?