Thursday, October 24, 2013

American Freedom, Pride and a Soldier

I do not talk about certain things in my blog.
 I have very strong thoughts and beliefs, but sharing those in this forum is not what I want to do. 
However, sometimes I just must. 
It is easy to become discouraged and angered by what we are bombarded with on a daily basis in the media. 
I get just as frustrated with things that happen in Washington DC as many Americans do. 
It would be easy to just say, "To heck with it all...I'm moving to ______!" 
Hmmm....I can not fill in the blank. 
 In reality, I am proud to be an American. 
 There is no other country I would rather live in.
I can voice my frustration and outrage over anything I want in this country and I am free to do so. 
 If I am honest, there are times that I get down in the dumps when I see politicians doing or not doing certain things.
  Tuesday started out as one of those days.
I was in a hurry and had to make a quick trip to the post office. 
As I drove up, I saw an American Veteran selling tickets to something next to the steps. 
I ran past him and into the post office, feeling a bit guilty because I did not have any cash on me and I didn't want to sound like I was just making excuses.
The longer I stood in line, the more strong my feeling became that I wanted whatever he was selling. 
He gave part of his life defending the country that I am privileged to raise my children in. 
My turn at the counter came and I mailed my package. 
I also needed stamps...they has a famous country singer or "Freedom" stamps. 
Done deal. 
I got a sheet of that say freedom and some cash back. 
 As I walked down the stairs to this elderly gentleman, I asked to purchase $5.00 worth of tickets. 
I must tell you that his face lit up and a smile spread across his face.
 His hands were stiff with arthritis, so he asked if I would fill the stubs out for him.
As I stood there, he thanked me over and over for helping. 
 I, in turn, thanked him for what he did for our country.
  I thought he was going to cry, but he said,
 "Real soldiers don't cry...we just get up each day and get the job done". 
 I almost cried.
As I finished and gathered my things to leave, he asked me if I would like a hug from a Veteran. 
 You betcha! 
Walking back to my car, the bitter and angry feelings I had been experiencing just minutes before were gone.
 I believe God placed something so simple like freedom stamps and an elderly man selling raffle tickets in my path to remind me of what it means to be an American citizen. 
 Driving to Lollipop Pop's golf match, I was offered further proof.
  Have you ever heard Dennis Prager's explanation of the American Trinity? 

It is only 5 minutes long, but very powerful and a reminder of what we need to instill in our children.  We need to be reminded of the sacrifices that have been made on our behalf to be Americans. 
The beliefs that founded this country. 
Together, I know we can do that.

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Country Gal said...

Another proud American here. Freedom is not free.