Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Quick and Perfect Visit

Shaggy came home for less that 48 hours last weekend.  In that time, he surprised and visited with all of his grandparents.
He went to his alma mater's homecoming game and went out to eat with his cousins afterward. 
He rode his dirt bike and did some homework. 
He visited friends and went to car races.
He had a relaxing and fun birthday dinner with us...just us.
  This dinner was prepared by his 8 year old sister.
Pesto Pasta, Garlic Bread and Blueberry Cobbler. As we were eating,
I shared that the first time I ever had this pasta was when my parents brought it to us the night we brought Shaggy home from the hospital 19 years ago...apropos, I think.

Trying to snag a hunk of Parmesan Cheese

He opened gifts and we all laughed, visited and enjoyed each other.
His sisters miss him and were like little flies or pests.... 

Now get off! 
When I improvised with the "9" candle because I only had a "6", he made it work...
and then tried to eat the entire cobbler.
In doing so, we felt like a family. 
A happy family again and I felt peace and contentment.
A morning of golf with his Dad and sister passed to quickly and before we knew it, he was on Amtrak and heading back to college.
 Hubby said sending him back this time was harder than dropping him off in the first place. 
All I can say is that last weekend will go down as being one of the best in recent memory for me.

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Country Gal said...

What a sweet and wonderful weekend!! It's excruciating to let them go again! Makes me tear up a little for mine. I wonder if it ever gets better or if we will always miss them?