Monday, October 28, 2013

A Harvest of Gratitude

We are so very grateful. 
Several months ago, we worried how and if we were going to be able to bring our 10 acres of walnuts to a fruitful harvest, not to mention damage our trees.
Having your agriculture well fail at any time is frightening. 
Having it fail during the growing season of any crop can be devastating.
Friday we harvested our walnuts.
(If you are interested in this process, check this out)
We were apprehensive regarding the yield our orchard would provide us with. 
While not our largest crop, it was not our smallest, either.
Both of these were filled as well as 1/3 of another one.
In addition to harvest being a dusty process, we have had no rain at all since March...
Yesterday, I was able to wash off the house and the plants. 
 I am certain I heard them thanking me.

We are grateful for so much.

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Country Gal said...

It's so cool to see how you harvest walnuts - such a different part of agriculture! Our one English walnut yielded it's first 3 walnuts this year!