Friday, September 20, 2013

Wildlife and a Question

Watching Lollipop Pop play golf for her high school is something I adore doing. 
She is improving and most of the time enjoys herself.
Other times, she gets frustrated with herself...that's golf, though.
This week, both matches were at our home course, which is about 25 minutes from our home in the foothills.
  It offers a variety of wildlife. 
 I saw a fox fun across the road yesterday and the girls have seen deer resting on the green. 
Rabbits and wild turkey are common sights. 
 I missed the perfect photo op on Wednesday of quail...
So pretty, but quick!
These trees scattered all over the course as well.
Not sure what they are, but they all have the same odd base. 
At first, we thought they had been scarred when they were young but we aren't sure...any ideas?


 It is also fun to run into friends along the way. 
   Fun week!

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