Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Twins' Prayer

A week ago, I became a Great Aunt to twin boys. 
They were born early and weighed in at 3lb 4oz and 4lb 10 oz.
Both boys are in the NICU unit. 
As a parent, I can not imagine anything more frightening.
The boys are in good hands and we continue to pray. 
The prayer below was one that I found from a different perspective.
The Preemie Prayer

Dear God, as you look down upon us,
We know that you might have to squint.
We're located here in the NICU
It's the nursery that we rent.

There are many alarms and sirens,
Connected to condos and flats.
The nurses tape our booties on,
And dress us in funny hats.

We have a lot in common;
All of us were in a hurry.
For many different reasons,
Our storks came a little early.

Some of us don't know why,
We bursted out from our bubbles.
We entered into this world,
Never meaning to cause any troubles.

Mommy and Daddy are worried sick
About the odds that we must beat.
Please God, help them to realize,
That seeing us grow is a treat.

Breath by breath, we'll learn to breathe.
Ounce by ounce we'll tip the scale.
We're like a boat in the ocean,
That knows not sink- only sail.

For we are living miracles,
Mommy and Daddy must simply believe,
That you have angels watching over us;
From the time we arrive, till the time we leave.

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Michelle said...

Sending my own prayers your way.