Saturday, September 7, 2013

Small Changes

Last month, I got a bee in my bonnet and needed a change in the house. 
 I wanted to spend no money and wanted instant gratification.
  Shaggy was getting ready to head off to college and the girls were getting ready to start school.
  I decided to move furniture. 
I moved my great grandma's organ and a small bookshelf to the large wall. 
 Eventually, I want built in bookshelves on this wall, but for now, this will suffice.
The fireplace and mantel area just got some back to school décor.
 I also JUST decided when looking at these pics that I want cornices built for these windows...they have never had coverings that I like. 
A honey-do!
 I moved the sugar bin (no longer holding sugar and flour) that my granddad made to an odd size corner that used to hold the hall tree. 

The hall tree got moved to the...ummm...hall.
   I love having a corner set aside just for reading. 
These chairs are comfy for that, but are falling apart. 
 I got them when I was pregnant with Shaggy and they are hanging on by a thread...literally.
The corner has also become, much to my chagrin, Lollipop Pop's school book holding area. Oh, the was never changed in the spring...I can now just say that I am early for falling back

 Sometimes, just little changes make a difference.

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