Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Holding On

So many things are running through my head this week.
It is another week that has me hanging on to the reins for dear life. 
That reminds me of a story about my Great Grandmother....sadly, I can't remember it all...am going to have to call my Aunt and my Dad and see if I can get the complete story. 
Oh, yeah...my week. 
So many things to share, but so little time...in a nutshell...is there anything better than fresh, warm tomatoes from the garden for supper? 
 Some fresh basil and a balsamic reduction and I venture to answer, "No, there isn't". 
It just screams summer.
I have started doing this to my broccoli. 
Pulverizing it in the food processor.  
Sometimes I add quinoa for a perfect side. 
I also love Lollipop Pop and her friends. 
 Some of her golf team came over on Saturday to do something very kind for their golf coach and his family. 
I will share more soon. 
These girls are multi-taskers to boot!

Life is good...just busy.
How is your last week of summer?

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