Friday, September 27, 2013

Golf, Kindness and Food

Lollipop Pop plays golf on her high school team and these are some great girls. 
Several weeks ago, their Coach was diagnosed with lung cancer. 
 These girls have rallied around him and I am honored to watch them.
They had Team Grande T-Shirts made up for themselves on the sly before his first round of chemo and wore them while presenting him a sign they had made.
  He cried.
If he can not make it to a match, he texts each girl and offers encouragement and wishes them luck.  After a match, they call him on speaker phone and tell him how they did. 
 It is moving. 
Recently, several of the players come over and we had a mad cooking session. 
 The girls prepared food for his family that can be kept frozen until needed. 
Not only are these girls thoughtful and kind, they are great multi taskers.

 As Coach's second round of chemo began today, all of our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.
Here is the list of what we made.
Everything is freezer friendly and yummy.
(We added a shredded zucchini as well and froze in muffin pans.  They were then popped into a Freezer bag and labeled)
Chicken Soup
Baked Oatmeal (Still have not posted this recipe...sheesh...will put that on my list)


Michelle said...

How wonderful these girls are and the coach is truly blessed.

My thoughts go out to him and the girls as they continue on with the season.

Michelle said...

So wonderful to hear that these girls are rallying around their coach!