Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gobs of Arboretum Photos

Last weekend, we visited Shaggy. 
It started out as part of a Parent weekend, but we ended up not us rebels. 
On Saturday, Shaggy, Lollipop Pop and Hubby played golf and Sugar Plum Fairy and I spent several hours at the Fullerton Arboretum.
 I had no idea what to expect, but I knew how much our youngest loves nature and being outside...what a treat it was.
The day started out overcast and wonderfully cool.
From the time we walked in, we were in a different place. 
The hub bub of the city was gone and we were transported to a place of calm and peace.

Streams meandered over waterfalls and into ponds. 

Squirrels scurried across branches above our heads, chattering all the while.

It was easy to forget in all this beauty, the arboretum is literally between the baseball field on one side and campus housing on the other

The Woodlands area was my favorite...I like green...and water....and shade...and green...

The flowers were everywhere.

Sugar Plum Fairy thinks these look like octopuses...I think they look like dancing fairies.

The Bamboo Forest area was lovely and Sugar Plum Fairy wished there were pandas hiding inside.
The squirrels were pretty brave as we approached, but not completely fearless. 
We had fun trying to get close as they were munching seeds from the seed pods littering the ground.

The trees were spectacular. 
There were Ombu Trees (which I think are actually classified as a bush) that were amazing.  They start with one trunk at the base and multiply into numerous "trunks".
Really pretty and fun to play on.

There were also these trees which had thorn like growths from the bark. 
There was not a sign that we could see with the name

The one above appeared to be dead, as it had no leaves...
The ones below have green bark under the thorns and pretty flowers and leaves.

This was another one that was interesting. 
The flowers were thick like a succulent.
Any ideas?

There were benches all over the Arboretum and Shaggy told us that it is a popular place for students to  do their homework. 
 I could see that. 
Naps also.
Sugar Plum Fairy decided that this bench was not a comfortable one to read on, so in search of comfort, we went.

We found the perfect one.
The bench was hilarious. 
We tried to clean the bird poo off to no avail...
As we sat on this bench, we snacked on grapes, almonds and visited. 
During a quiet moment, she asked me what I was thinking about.
When I told her I was just enjoying the peacefulness, she said,
"Enjoying all the details of life". 
(I wrote that down so I wouldn't forget)
Yes, indeed I was.
We passed through the desert area and she discovered just how pokey cacti are.

Throughout the arboretum, living dress forms were mingling.  An artist (whose name I can not remember) had made these and they were fun.
 The children's garden was magical to our youngest. As soon as we entered through the vine covered arch, she was off exploring. 
The table set was awesome and I want a gourd covered arbor. 
Loved it!
Not sure where I will put it, though. 

Surrounding this garden was a brightly colored picket fence. Even spied a wedding practice occurring under a grape arbor behind the yellow section.


There were hay bales to climb and great jumping off points.

This garden was a working garden and I imagine hosts field trips for school children. 
This dress was made up of individual plants and there were hand painted pots painted by kidnicks.

This tree trunk offered fun for little ones...inside and out...

Behind the children's area were individual gardens, each with a fence and a locked gate.  Some were filled with veggies...others with a variety of plants and decor. 

The arboretum can host events and they were in the midst of setting up for one. 
 I bet it is stunning at night with the lights.

The Heritage House was moved to this location in the beginning of the Arboretum. 
It looks as though it has always been there. 
It was closed while we were there, as was the museum, but that will just give us more reasons to return.

The pond in front of the house is home to turtles and ducks. 
Such a lovely place to sit and solve all the world's problems.

We were able to visit the small nature center.  Teeny tiny hummingbird nests.

We ended the visit enjoying a popsicle on a unique bench. 

While we were relaxing, we spied a banana tree that we had missed. 
Very cool!
This little guy was shown to us by the Los Angeles Zoo Photographer who was visiting.
Till next time!


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