Monday, September 9, 2013

A Perfect Ending

First of all, if you are my sister or a member of my sister's family, read no further until you have opened a specific gift that is waiting for you at Mom's. 
 Now for the rest of has been under way for several weeks now... fact, first quarter progress reports come out today...
...which means we are halfway through the first quarter...
...which means we are an eighth of the way through the school year...
...not that I am counting or anything.
Anywhooo...the week began with me sneaking into my sister in law's house while she was at work and delivering balloons and her birthday gift. 
(I did break down and asked permission from my brother in law first).
The week included golf, wild turkeys and gorgeous skies.

 Friday came. 
No football game and no golf practice left us almost giddy with free time. 
Well, I was giddy. 
Think the girls just went along.
Sugar Plum Fairy picked a pomegranate from an abandoned orchard.
We took a drive and just had fun.
Then we got home.
  We participate in the electric company's cycling program...they give us a monthly discount if we agree that they can turn off our AC for several hours if there is a projected need to conserve...well, Friday was one of those was HOT and HUMID and we had no AC from 2:00pm - 6:00pm
The misery was short lived, though.
We opened a sweet gift from Aunt Izumi in Japan.
She and her husband had been in California tending to his elderly father and his mother's estate.  Time on this trip did not allow them to make the long drive to visit us, so they sent a box filled with treasures to my folks house.   
There was a bag inside for my family as well as my sister's family. 
Izumi is, hands down, one of the most kind and sweetest people on the planet.
As my family opened each item, we let out a collective prayer of thanks!
Japanese FANS! 
 Just what we needed.
 Not only are they gorgeous, they could not have been more perfect. 

The perfect ending to a hectic week and a great day! 

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